Global Digital PR Awards 2022 - Winner

What is Link Affinity?

The public relations tool with digital media for your communications strategies.

Make efficient campaigns thanks to AI.

Link Affinity is not just a simple digital PR and ethical link building tool.

It is a groundbreaking method that makes you a key referent in your sector. By identifying opportunities that provide the expertise, authority and trust necessary to better your Google rankings, through natural presence in the media.

The management and building of your brand’s digital PR and link building will have a great positive impact on your rankings.


Link Affinity has arrived to change the present and future of linkbuilding and digital PR.

We have made a radical turn in the way of understanding, measuring and executing link building strategies as they have been carried out until now by agencies and professionals in the sector.
Use your expertise

Use your expertise

Draw the attention of media and bloggers through yours and your team’s expertise.

Thousands of communication professionals seek natural collaborations every day to bring veracity and quality to their publications.

What makes us stand in the industry?

It is the only tool on the market that, through A.I. and Machine Learning, calculates the semantic affinity between the media and our users, analysing three key factors: Naturalness, Affinity and Authority.


Our methodology connects journalists and bloggers with experts, through Artificial Intelligence.

Link Affinity builds bridges between two departments that have, until now, worked separately: the PR and digital communication department and the SEO team.

Global Digital PR Awards 2022 - Winner
Global Digital PR Awards 2022 - Winner

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Beyond a link building tool. Link Affinity is your public relations tool with digital media outlets.
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