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    Partners’ opinions.

    Eva Manzanares
    FINANCIAL DIRECTOR - Optimizalia

    Our productivity and profitability have increased times two. We know can dedicate more time to the strategy, instead of spending ours and ours surfing through the internet to find suitable outlets. Being able to apply resources to the strategy tasks is fundamental to get the best performance from our projects. Link Affinity allows us to do that.

    Alberto Fernández
    CEO Ingeniero SEO

    Right when we heard about this idea, we knew this was it, we were in! Really, the technology and human team are as amazing. Not only are we talking about productivity, but also organization, scalability, internationalization, great praxis… leading even other clients’ campaigns, to another level in Internet relations to a global scale. Efficiency and strategic focus to deliver more value in less time.

    Nacho Benavides

    This is an essential tool in our everyday work, for controlling a campaign in the most effective and optimized way, without putting in more time than you should and achieving results that would be unfeasible through other methods.

    Ana Leiño

    It has very much soothed our work in thoroughly detecting our sources, through the tool’s thematic affinity search and other fundamental aspects in our Link Building strategy, for our clients. The attention given to their clients is excellent and there is always someone on the other sided of the Chat.

    Sergio Arboledas

    Link Affinity is a tool with plenty of possibilities and potential. It has helped us very much with our backlink campaigns, specially with clients that look very much into semantics and link quality. It has laso saved us time and help us gain new clients. Sico and his team deserve a prize for their dedication and attention to the client.

    David Kaufmann

    Link Affinity has marked a before and after in backlink campaign management. No more looking site by site, searching for the contact’s data, going over SEO tools to evaluate traffic and authority. Link Affinity is the proof of years of experience and knowledge. The amount of time we are saving is amazing, and the support and help from Sico’s team side is also amazing. We are very very thankful and satisfied! David Kaufmann, CEO de SEO Alive” David Kaufmann, CEO de SEO Alive


    Link Affinity is your public relations tool with digital media outlets.
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      Save time.

      Look for the best media outlets in your field and screen the Spam sites that have been penalized.

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      Secure your strategy.

      Calculate the true semantic affinity with your project through AI and machine-learning.

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      Hand us the monkey business.

      Our department will manage your relations with the outlets and will get the best deals for you.