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It is the only tool on the market that, through A.I. and Machine Learning, calculates the semantic affinity between the media and our users, analysing three key factors: NATURALNESS, AFFINITY AND AUTHORITY.
“We are changing the way we understand the health of your digital PR with a focus on Google recommendations and less on mathematical factors.”


The three main indicators by which Naturalness is assessed are Affinity, Authority and Safety. Each of these indicators measures the natural balance of the link profile, both individually for each referent domain and as a whole.

Up until now, link profile management tools have only taken into account factors easily manipulated by an SEO pro, which can provide erroneous data about the health of your link profile.

We have taken a step further. Link Affinity takes as main indicators: the content relationship between the sites that link you and your project, visibility trends of each of them, penalties, traffic, and other factors in which the user cannot intervene directly.

Semantic Affinity

Using A.I. and machine learning, Link Affinity stands out in the market as the only tool in the world that calculates the real semantic affinity between the client’s website and its potential partners.

With a unique smart crawling system, it determines the benefit of a partnership between them by suggesting keywords with higher affinity and target URLs.

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“Affinity Matters” uses lemmatization, tokenization and other advanced processes that allow it to accurately determine affinity.
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Use your expertise

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Beyond a link building tool. Link Affinity is your public relations tool with digital media outlets.
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